Libido foods are to urge person’s sexual desire which may change from person to person or female to male. As the age increases, sex drive starts decreasing slowly. There are many other reasons for decreasing libido like stress, anxiety, problems in relations, depression and many more. It is also due to pre and post menopausal effects in women which is a natural stage when they will experience loss of libido. The extra fats on your body are one of the common reasons for people’s low sex drive. Whatever may be the reason for the loss of libido, there is need to take special care. If you have this problem, then eating right type of food is the only solution for you. It will definitely help you to increase your libido. To get your sexual drive back. First cut out the junk foods from your diet, which makes maximum harm. Cutting this from your total intake and increasing the level of raw green vegetables will definitely benefit you. Through some survey, the smell of certain libido foods like pumpkin pie and popcorn for men or candy for women is sexually arousing. You can take help of it. These libido foods definitely won’t harm you instead you will become healthier.

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To increase the libido, you must have detailed knowledge of libido food and its appropriate intake. Bananas are most helpful fruit to boost male libido as it contains B vitamins. It will also increase body’s total energy levels. Celery and Oyster are also considered as excellent source for sexual stimulation as it contains dopamine which increases sexuality.

Foods that increase libido are available in the market, especially for libido. These food will make you feel good and will increase your fertility. You can increase the total intake of C and E vitamins, as well. Fruits like strawberries, kiwi, and peppers contain Vitamin C. Nuts, Seeds and sunflower oil has high levels of vitamin E.

Pike, a smart food that feels good for both, you and your partner. The more you feel good; you will be in a better mood to get intimated by your partner. Avocado is another best food for libido that helps both male and female libido as it contains high level of metabolizing proteins and folic acid.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can consume libido increasing food like eggs, and fish with cheese which will protect the epithetical tissues in your body and boost the sexual stamina. The taste is considered highly pleasurable to human senses. It is definitely a winning combination. Other than that, chocolate can also increase libido as it contains caffeine.

Whatever libido foods you consume, don’t eat it with salt or sweet. Alcohol is one enemy of a good sex life. It is said that alcohol increases the desire but takes away the performance. Eat raw vegetables and get the energy you need. Apart from good libido foods, you also need regular exercises to enjoy a better sex life.